002 The Meaning of Life and Other Tall Tales

In Meaning of Life on October 26, 2009 at 8:47 pm


Probably the answer most often given in response to the question, What is the Meaning of Life? is that we are here to complete something, and this “something” has the status of what we might call our mission in life. The task itself might be simple, but the achievement is apparently important in the grand scheme of things.

Another fairly common answer is that we are here to learn something, although for me it is difficult to understand what I might learn in a physical plane (which we occupy for a few short years) that also applies to a spiritual plane (which we occupy for an eternity). The other concern I have is the school that teaches this lesson is Hard Knocks. Hard Knocks often distort the lesson plans to fit the neurosis of the moment.

For many of us, our interest in asking the question centers around the idea of getting clarity regarding our mission, whether it’s a task to be performed or a lesson to be learned. For the religious minded, how they recognize their mission from all of the other choices is not of great concern because it is believed that sooner or later the answer pops into mind and the riddle is immediately understood. They say they are called to service. And this revelation is the means to be called.

Still another common answer is that we are here to give meaning to life. Life wouldn’t mean anything if it didn’t include a witness, perhaps. I have even heard it said that we create reality through our actions, which define the meaning. Either way seems like an invitation to chaos: too many visionaries and not enough work horses.

Are there any other answers given? Have I left any out? If I am leaving anything out, or missing the point, please feel free to identify my shortcomings in the comments section of this post. I pretty much don’t have all the answers, so I enjoy hearing from people who have figured out a piece of the puzzle.

Copyright © 2009-2010 by Tad Laury Graham
“The Meaning of Life and Other Tall Tales”

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