008 The Meaning of Life and Other Tall Tales

In Meaning of Life on November 17, 2009 at 7:49 pm


We now have the minimum tool set required to sift through clues in search of facts.

  • We begin by asking the inevitable questions,
  • We compile a list of things known through opinions and interpretations,
  • but which cannot be proven,
  • We derive a second list, this time of facts which can be proven,
  • The second list is shown to be true, and right under our noses for thousands of years with the questions of the first list, with little or no change.

For the sake of completeness, we should note that we previously introduced a two-part theory which states that we cannot understand the meaning of life without understanding the meaning of death and vice versa. We may or may not try to prove this theory later, but it feels important, so it has been labeled and filed for future use.

For contrast, lets identify an initial list of facts.

  • All living things eat, and are eaten by other living things.
  • All living things kill other living things.
  • All living things die, from the perspective that physically we are gone from this world (regardless of where we might or might not return).
  • All animal species known to man have members that are gay.
  • All animals and plant life are evolving,
  • These changes occur rapidly, and have been observed for many years.
  • All living entities experience pain and illness,
  • Yes, even plants feel pain, experience fear, and have memories (NOT opinion, but FACT!)

Every statement on this list is a fact  because we can prove that every statement on this list is true. Now let me give you an opinion that illustrates why we might want to include them in our search for meaning: there is an inconsistency between what these statements say and the existence of an all-knowing, all powerful and loving god who watches out for us. I do not think it would add anything to the discussion to labor over these statements ad nauseum. For me, and by now for you, they should come under the category of intuitively obvious.

If it seems unfair to bind you by these rules, let me say that you also may personalize this list with some true statements of your own.

  • If you say, I believe in god, then we take this as fact. It’s a fact that you believe in god.
  • You can even believe in the inconsistent god of the Bible.
  • But, if you say, there is a god (my book says so), then we take this as opinion, and we respect your choices, for afterall we cannot prove you wrong.

More to come next time.

Copyright  © 2009-2010 by Tad Laury Graham

“The Meaning of Life and Other Tall Tales”


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