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1000 – A Passing Thought

In postaweek2011 on March 1, 2011 at 8:40 am

Today is the first day of March in the year 2011. I am approximately 2 months behind in my agreed-upon schedule for submission of posts, yet I feel no remorse. Blogging, you see, is easy if we have nothing to say. Chances are, it’s already been said, anyway, and we don’t have to go far to find the same idea expressed twice, perhaps in different ways, perhaps with a modest change in slant but at its core: basically the same.

I have been blogging since the 1960’s, though we used to call blogging, “journaling”. The principle difference seems to be that journaling was never meant to see the light of day, and was focused on providing the author some private benefit that was not available in other mediums. Plain and simple: journaling was writing an entry in our diary.

To keep the record straight, however, we should mention that “journaling” applied originally to keeping a private log for a set of books. The most common meaning of “journal” is to keep a record of current transactions, e.g., in double entry bookkeeping. Furthermore, the proper term for journaling is actually “journalizing”—in spite of the fact that no one uses it. Bottom line, journaling is private, while blogging is public.

Back to my original point, this is mostly common knowledge, only of interest to those of us with a perverse sense of humor.

More important, what am I to do with any of this?

Well first, I go back to my original method of checking success. I am off the clock. All promises to work to a schedule are off. I would prefer to write about things of interest, rather than submit things “on time.”

Second, most of what I write is my opinion, not meant to be the “definitive answer,” but is provided as a place to begin, not a place to end. The individual part of this exercise is you, not me. I have gotten to know myself fairly well, both the good and the bad, but if I do this right you will focus on what it means to you, not to me. If it helps, I have done my job. If it doesn’t help, then I have further to go, but only if you tell me what worked and what didn’t.

I’m not going to hype the next installment, or promise when it will be available. But I will continue the practice of letting you know when its ready and what the subject is.

As for now, I need to get back to work. Thanks for listening.

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