In love on January 2, 2012 at 8:27 pm

To Judith Anne Graham

When we were young and thought we knew what life was all about,
We did not need, nor seek, nor take, advice about our doubts.
For that was weak, and we were strong, filled with courage, hope, and pride.
Until we met the one, and only one, who touched us deep inside.

My heart would stop, then skip a beat, when you were in the room.
I pretended not to see, turned away, as you passed through.
Then a stolen, secret glance, next a meeting thought by chance,
You intended not to be in love with me — already in your own romance.

Do you remember when I said,
I love you for your mind, your head,
Your brain, the inner beauty that is you?

You smiled, laughed, teased me, too,
for admiring your mind before loving you.

I remember when I was ten, and loved the girl next door, back then,
When life was simple, full of fun, and a girl was just a friend.
I remember as a teen, I loved a girl, lived down the street.
But neither one could cause my heart to stop and skip a beat.

When first we met we talked all night, you on one side, I the other,
A locked screen door between us. In our minds, already lovers.
Paths intertwined from years before we find each other, and discover,
Each was never far, not knowing yet always knew, there was another.

I remember when you said,
How you dread
To tell your father you love me.

But he saw the change in you,
loved you. Therefore loved me, too.

My early years were hard to share, were filled with problematic fears,
And inconsistencies with truth, causing untold failures, masked by tears.
The middle years were not much more,’til the day you touched my hand,
looked deep within my soul, smiled, and said, “I finally understand.”

“Your heart is burdened with your past, an empty hole, needs love that lasts.
Together, we will end your pain, close the hole, let go the past.”
Then your heart stopped, skipped a beat, awakened love from deep sleep,
And I remember then, I gave my heart to you, to have, to hold, to keep.

From Tad Laury Graham
Merry Chrismas, 2009

  1. I just stopped by to see if there was anything from you I’d missed lately. I re-read this poem, and thought again how truly deep it is.

    Hope your year without blogging has been filled with new insights into living and the meaning of life. As you suggest, we might never fully understand it. But it’s a trip one would not want to miss.

    From a fellow traveller,


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